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The movie industry has several genres. Whether a person’s interest lie in action, comedy, drama or science fiction, the Art of Music in Las Vegas has the memorabilia that gives thousands of fans that personal connection to the movies and performers they cherish. Located in Nevada, the Art of Music has a unique collection of posters, personal articles and signed movie memorabilia that includes a wide variety of famous celebrities in the world today or from years gone by.

Art of Music Las Vegas

When the actor’s portrayal of characters in a film have become an all-time favorite, fans can preserve those great memories with posters and memorabilia that are fairly priced in today’s market. The value received by the customers of the Art of Music in their found treasures is unmeasurable.

Whitney Houston fans can find the “Bodyguard” poster that depicts Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston in one of the greatest romantic drama films ever produced. Fans can step back into the past with the “Casablanca” Signature Cuts they will treasure for years to come. Personal memorabilia such as the vintage Parisians Silk Scarf worn by Elizabeth Taylor (with a signed photo included) can be uncovered among the treasures available at Art of Music Las Vegas.

Posters from the “Godfather” movie collection to the “Hunger Game Mockingjay” mini poster, are just a few of the Art of Music Las Vegas memorabilia items for sale. Country western fans will get a bang out of the props used in John Wayne movies such as the “Bandana Prop with Signature Cut”. There is special something for everyone at the Art of Music.

Customers can travel through the matrix with the “Matrix Reloaded Photo” or go on an exciting adventure with the “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Whatever moves a person’s soul through the films and actors they love, they can find the memorabilia that keeps those feelings alive, at the Art of Music Las Vegas. For More information visit on :





About Art of Music Las Vegas

Art of Music Las Vegas understands this and tries to provide customers with movie props and collectibles they love. You can find posters, real props, authentic actor autographs and more at the store and you never have to worry if they are authentic. Everything is real and you can make your purchases securely and with no worries.
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