Art of Music Las Vegas: Where To Find Real Movie Props

If you love movies you may be interested in owning real movie props. Finding them isn’t always easy and if you are looking for specific pieces, it can be even more difficult. Art of Music Las Vegas has a large selection of real movie props. There are other ways you can find them as well.

Movie Theaters : Some movie theaters are giving or sold movie props. They may use them during the time the movie is being played at the theater but willing to sell them afterward. Check with your local theaters to see if they have any props for sale.

Estate Sales : A lot of people collect movie props and choose to sell them on their own. Don’t be afraid to check estate sales. Online auctions are also great options because many estate items and collectibles are so through them as well.

Specialty Stores : There are some stores who specialize in selling movie props. They may work closely with movie studios and products companies to get these parts and sell them to the public. Check for specialty stores in your area that may carry real movies props.

If you are looking for real movie props, be sure to check out Art of Music Las Vegas. If you can’t make it to Vegas, try one of the above options to find what you are looking for. Movie props may be hard to find but knowing where to look can make your search easier.

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Art of Music Las Vegas: How To Find Live Autograph Signings Near You

If you are a fan of a musician or actor and want to meet them and get an autograph, the best way to do that is to find a live autograph signing. There are many places that arrange for celebrities to do signings and Art of Music Las Vegas is one of them. If you are not close to Vegas check out one of these options instead.


There are numerous specialty stores that sell collectibles, movies or other types of art that also host live signing events. Make sure you check with them to see who will be at the store at what dates and times so you can determine if you want to get the autograph.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to get information because many people share it. Check for signings in your area by going to a celebrity’s social page or just searching to see if events have been shared.


If your favorite actor or musician has a website, it may offer information about times and places where he or she will be available for autographs. Make sure you check their website to see when the celebrity will be signing autographs near you.

If you want to attend a live autograph signing but are not close to Art of Music Las Vegas, you can try one of the above options. Live autograph signings can be a lot of fun and help you get the autograph of your favorite celebrity.

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Art of Music Las Vegas: How To Display An Autograph Collection

If you love music and have favorite artists or bands, you may also have an autograph collection. You can show it off by putting it on display in your home. You have to be careful when displaying something as delicate as an autograph. Art of Music Las Vegas has some tips for displaying your autograph collection.

Wall : If your autographs are on paper or photos, you can frame them and hang them on the wall. This keeps them up and out of the way of people and less likely to be damaged. This is also a great way to ensure they are all seen by yourself and visitors to your home.

Album : You can add autographs to a photo album and sit it out on a counter or bookcase as a display. Make sure you should a high-quality album so your autographs are not stained or harmed by dyes in the pages or chemicals in the plastic.

Exhibit : If your autograph collection consists of pieces that cannot be hung, you can create an exhibit with them. Baseballs, musical instruments and more can be organized on tables or shelves to look great.

If you have purchased a signed piece of memorabilia or just a favorite autograph that you want to display, use the tips above offered by Art of Music Las Vegas. If you want to have your autograph collection for many years, you need to make sure it is displayed properly.

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The Art of Music in Las Vegas – History Lives on Through the Strings of Guitars

When collectors are in search of that perfect signed guitar, they will be amazed at the selection of memorabilia available to them at the Art of Music in Las Vegas’s boutique. With three brick and mortar stores located in the sin city area or seamless online shopping through their website, customers can find guitars signed by their all-time favorite artists.

All of the guests that enter through the doors of the Art of Music find magic in the Hollywood memorabilia from the infamous celebrities and performers. Guitars from artists like Crosby, Still, Nash and Young and photos from Hank William Sr. or Jimmy Buffet, are among the treasures that line the shelves and walls of this amazing shop.

Art of Music Las Vegas

Memorabilia that is priceless to the collector can be found in every corner of the store, bringing its history and joy to its new owner. The history of rock and roll includes famous artists such as Bruce Springsteen, the Def Leppard Band, and the Doors. Their signed guitars can be found behind the doors of the Art of Music. Each item of memorabilia comes with its own special features, like a display case or special photos from live concerts. These added items are what makes each piece unique in every way.

The signed guitars that are part of the Art of Music have a history all their own, and in many cases have traveled around the world on tour. Customers can make these guitars part of their own collection of memorabilia and the journey of the piece continues.

Celebrities make their mark in history, and the items sold at the Art of Music Las Vegas brings that history into the homes of collectors. That’s all part of the magic in memorabilia. When a customer finds that special item that was once owned by their favorite artist or performer, the piece travels from the heart of its original owner into the home and heart of the collector.



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The Art of Music in Las Vegas – Memorabilia that Moves Your Soul

The movie industry has several genres. Whether a person’s interest lie in action, comedy, drama or science fiction, the Art of Music in Las Vegas has the memorabilia that gives thousands of fans that personal connection to the movies and performers they cherish. Located in Nevada, the Art of Music has a unique collection of posters, personal articles and signed movie memorabilia that includes a wide variety of famous celebrities in the world today or from years gone by.

Art of Music Las Vegas

When the actor’s portrayal of characters in a film have become an all-time favorite, fans can preserve those great memories with posters and memorabilia that are fairly priced in today’s market. The value received by the customers of the Art of Music in their found treasures is unmeasurable.

Whitney Houston fans can find the “Bodyguard” poster that depicts Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston in one of the greatest romantic drama films ever produced. Fans can step back into the past with the “Casablanca” Signature Cuts they will treasure for years to come. Personal memorabilia such as the vintage Parisians Silk Scarf worn by Elizabeth Taylor (with a signed photo included) can be uncovered among the treasures available at Art of Music Las Vegas.

Posters from the “Godfather” movie collection to the “Hunger Game Mockingjay” mini poster, are just a few of the Art of Music Las Vegas memorabilia items for sale. Country western fans will get a bang out of the props used in John Wayne movies such as the “Bandana Prop with Signature Cut”. There is special something for everyone at the Art of Music.

Customers can travel through the matrix with the “Matrix Reloaded Photo” or go on an exciting adventure with the “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Whatever moves a person’s soul through the films and actors they love, they can find the memorabilia that keeps those feelings alive, at the Art of Music Las Vegas.



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Art of Music Las Vegas – Large Selection of Valuable Collectors’ Items

Art of Music Las Vegas has a huge selection of valuable collectors’ items from some of the biggest stars in the music, sports, and film industries. With three stores in Las Vegas and a large selection of items available online, Art of Music has long helped fans and devotees find the perfect addition to their collections at home. There are hundreds of signed posters, albums, and other items available online or in one of the three stores in Las Vegas for fans of some of the biggest stars in the United States both past and present. If you’re a true fan of these celebrities, you’ll find something you can’t live without.

Art of Music Las Vegas wants you to have the peace of mind knowing that you have the best, authentic items for your personal collection. Many collectors have to deal with fakes and other problems all too often, leading to a profound distrust in the industry of collecting rare and one-of-a-kind items from the stars themselves. Art of Music Las Vegas is in contact with celebrities who want to sell their effects and even come by the store to sign autographs and interact with their fans. Art of Music is the ultimate fan experience for collectors of all things celebrity in the sports and entertainment industries.

Art of Music Las Vegas is always looking for new and old items to add to its extensive collection for collectors of all kinds throughout the United States. Celebrities often visit the company’s three stores in Las Vegas to add to the fanfare over their collectors’ items.


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Art of Music Las Vegas – Three Essential Signed Albums Available

Art of Music is a business in Las Vegas that offers customers an excellent selection of collectors’ items for all kinds of fans, from sports to music to the film and television industries. At Art of Music Las Vegas you can find the authenticated items perfect for your historical or fandom collection. With three locations in Las Vegas and a huge online selection of autographed items and the personal effects of some of the biggest stars in the entertainment and sporting industries in the United States. Here are three essential signed albums that will complete or add to any music lover’s collection:

  • Aerosmith— “Aerosmith”. The original pressed album complete with a picture of the band and all of the members’ signatures is available on the online Art of Music Las Vegas store. It comes ready to hang on your wall.
  • Alice Cooper— “Billion Dollar Baby”. The original album cover is signed by all of the members of the band and is always authenticated by Art of Music Las Vegas. It features a glass case so you can hang it right on your wall, as a vintage picture of the band members.
  • B.B. King— “Live in Cook County Jail”. Own a piece of music history by picking up this collectors’ item. This classic album lives on as one of the best blues albums in history and features the authenticated signature of King himself.

Art of Music Las Vegas features these classic music items and more in stores and online. Make sure you grab one of these items for your collection.

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