Art of Music Las Vegas – Three Essential Signed Albums Available

Art of Music is a business in Las Vegas that offers customers an excellent selection of collectors’ items for all kinds of fans, from sports to music to the film and television industries. At Art of Music Las Vegas you can find the authenticated items perfect for your historical or fandom collection. With three locations in Las Vegas and a huge online selection of autographed items and the personal effects of some of the biggest stars in the entertainment and sporting industries in the United States. Here are three essential signed albums that will complete or add to any music lover’s collection:

  • Aerosmith— “Aerosmith”. The original pressed album complete with a picture of the band and all of the members’ signatures is available on the online Art of Music Las Vegas store. It comes ready to hang on your wall.
  • Alice Cooper— “Billion Dollar Baby”. The original album cover is signed by all of the members of the band and is always authenticated by Art of Music Las Vegas. It features a glass case so you can hang it right on your wall, as a vintage picture of the band members.
  • B.B. King— “Live in Cook County Jail”. Own a piece of music history by picking up this collectors’ item. This classic album lives on as one of the best blues albums in history and features the authenticated signature of King himself.

Art of Music Las Vegas features these classic music items and more in stores and online. Make sure you grab one of these items for your collection.


About Art of Music Las Vegas

Art of Music Las Vegas understands this and tries to provide customers with movie props and collectibles they love. You can find posters, real props, authentic actor autographs and more at the store and you never have to worry if they are authentic. Everything is real and you can make your purchases securely and with no worries.
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